Fees & Insurance



  • Paramount (PPO and HMO)
  • Front Path

If you use insurance, you are responsible for paying deductibles and co-payments at the time of the session. While I can help you get pre-authorization for services and bill your insurance company, this does not guarantee payment. You are fully responsible for payment of fees and will be billed for any amount not accepted by your insurance carrier. Please check with your specific insurance plan. You are responsible for reporting any changes to your insurance to me.

Out of Network
  • All other plans

All other insurance plans. You will need to pay my full fee at the time of service. My office will then bill your insurance company, providing them with basic information (diagnosis, date and type of service, and charges). Your insurance company will reimburse you their allowed fees for “out of network” providers. Your insurance company will mail the check directly to you.

Insurance Plans and Limits to Confidentiality

Health insurance companies require that a diagnosis of a mental health condition be made before they will agree to reimburse for therapy services. If you choose to use your health insurance to pay for psychotherapy, your insurance company will ask me to submit your clinical diagnosis, dates of service, length of sessions, and charges for each session. I am not able to protect confidentiality of this information once it is shared with the insurance company. At your first visit you will be asked to give me a signed permission to provide this information to your insurance company. Any diagnosis made will become part of your permanent insurance records.